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Liquid Waterproofing Membrane - Multiseal 2000
Multiseal 2000 is a colourless and odourless liquid waterproofing system. It can be applied by spraying on a prepared surface. It penetrates into the concrete and seeps through the pores and capillaries to waterproof the concrete.

Multiseal 2000
MULTISEAL 2000 is a total waterproofing system, a blend of silicate and surfactants capable of making concrete hard, oil proof, acid resistant and waterproof. It is able to become the integral part of the concrete and still let the concrete to breathe.

MULTISEAL 2000 is a colourless and odourless liquid. When applied on concrete, it penetrates down through the pores and capillaries of the concrete about 5-20 mm deep (depending on concrete mix) to form a hydrophobic barrier that prevents water penetration. The deeper the penetration the more effective the treatment.

MULTISEAL 2000 reacts with the lime in the concrete to form a hard, insoluble gel within the pores, thus closing small voids. Unlike surface coatings, MULTISEAL 2000 treatment is not worn down by heavy traffic or even in a high thermal stress environment.

MULTISEAL 2000 is successfully used in rooves and car parks that have high thermal stress. In such cases, the problematic area where construction joints, honey combs and cracks occurs are usually due to high thermal stress. These leakage areas can be easily treated by MULTISEAL 2000.
Dustproofing plant floors, walkways and driveways
Oil proofing concrete storage tanks for mineral and vegetable oils, floors, driveway and service stations
Roof and car park roof
Resistant to brackish water, mineral acids, organic acids and moisture
Waterproofing concrete walls, floors, concrete blocks and cement asbestos pipes
Allows for high pedestrian traffic areas
Concrete wharf areas
Water holding vessels
Swimming pool
Expansion joint sealing for high traffic areas

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